Christine Watts
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Christine was born in Los Angeles and spent most of her life in California. She became a Virginia resident in 2000. After graduating from college in 1968, she completed studio art workshops through UCLA’s extension art program, and at the same time studied graphic design as a career option.   She worked as a production artist in Century City, CA in a corporate marketing setting and once here in Virginia worked in publishing as a graphic artist.

Now retired from full time graphic design work, she’s pursuing a first love—painting, and also recently, printmaking. Christine works with various mediums and tools, selecting  “. . . what the process requires.”   “As an abstract painter, I’m always looking for something undiscovered. I can and have ruminated on what I know in my world, and painted it—landscapes and still lifes. But regardless of subject or genre, every painting experience is different from the next one—a discovery. My paintings lately are curious, abstract caricature stories—unknown to me until they are painted.”