Juliette Swenson
Artist Web Site: www.julietteswenson.weebly.com
Bio Information  Juliette Swenson has lived in the USA for over 40 years now and is originally from Bath in England.  Juliette emigrated to the USA and went on to attend the University of Colorado where she got a degree in Fine Arts. Juliette has been living in Virginia for 18 years.

The excitement I feel when I am painting is that I am becoming better at observing the world. This is not the ‘Big Picture’ but it is zeroing in on the ‘little picture’. It is learning to “see” with an artist’s eye. This applies to painting a hare or painting flowers. One can learn what they are like by close examination.

Year ago I painted on silk and this led me to try water colors – another medium where the paints can be given free flow to blend and overlap in interesting ways.

I attended the University of Colorado where I got a degree in Fine Art. More recently I have studied under Alex Powers, Jeanne McGuire, Carol Carter, Ann Abgott, Barbara Nechis, Don Wilson and several other teachers.   Currently I am a member of the Beverley Street, Studio School, the Co-Art Gallery and the Central Virginia Water color Society.